Sunday, May 10, 2009

Alice in Wonderland!!

What is the name of this feeling that comes with someone's voice and stays on for hours...days...its like im living in a fantasy world...unable to think clearly..unable to concentrate...y do i feel like not coming back to just stay this a wonderland which is beautiful...full of hopes and dreams...only this wonderland is not a dream...its made out of complete faith in the near future..complete faith in a relation which is very pure and in someone very special..its amazing how this feeling brings two people so close that u can tell whats going on in the other person's mind just by the tone of the voice...u can sense it when u don't have someone's complete attention, u can sense the emotion in the words and they touch u deep down in your can feel someone's presence even when miles apart..its like u r living inside another person...y does someone else's happiness becomes more important than urs...why does the stress and anxiety in the other person's voice make u unconfortable and i living two lives at one moment...i dont know...but what i know is that ive never felt this way before in my entire life.. and sometimes it becomes so hard to handle..i dont know how to vent out this does give immense happiness but makes me damn me strange mood swings..its like my moods are dependent on the other person...i smile when the other person smiles and cry when the other person even mentions being low..ive started taking small things to my heart which otherwise i would not even notice and laugh away...ive started noticing myself very carefully and find faults in everythng about me...i experience a strange satisfaction everytime i talk to someone and a strange hollow feeling when i dont...y do i want time to freeze just be...its wonderful, its loving every moment of it..


  1. wow! you know, i used to think you have the emotional level of a teaspoon :P but seriously! i guess no one can be happier than me to see this in you. this certainly is the most beautiful feeling in the world.its a complete package, comes with the good n the bad :) but trust me, its a wonderful journey, n this is just the beginning. Really, its actually amazing to live 2 people's lives...

  2. oh and by the way, the new look is nice :)